1 Wall 2 Rooms Inc., specialize in fabrication and installation  of:
  • Temporary wall
  • Bookcase wall partition
  • Exhibition wall
  • Wall partition
  • Wardrobe wall partition
  • Room dividers
  • Office partition
  • Classroom dividers
  • Pressurized walls
  • Movable gallery walls
  • Movable walls for events
  • Trade show walls
for apartments, stores, offices, gallery shows, event and exhibition shows. Some of products and the system method we use avoids glues, fasteners, nails, and screws for stability.  How it works:
In our products we offer custom made and  prefabricated; if it’s residential we can custom fit them to your living space, and if it’s commercial use we can prefabricate as many as needed.
We supply all labor and material necessary to erect your choice of product.

temporary wall with four glass doors

Temporary Wall

Pressurized wall can be customized to any angle that is needed to save you space and bring full privacy to your home, apartment and office

free standing bookcase partition

Free Standing Bookcase Partition

Our bookcase room divider is used as a  wall / also our wardrobe partition systems, it does not attach or touch the ceiling but it does offer total privacy and still gives you the option to share your apartment or split a space into multiple rooms .

a pilates gym that ordered our half wall to divide a big room two create two separate class rooms

Loft Wall

The following are examples we have individual solutions for:
Lights that run through the entire room, Air circulation, Drop ceilings, Budget and Sprinkler systems

movable Art display at the New York Racquet Club Gym

Event / Gallery Walls

Our Free standing moveable gallery, exhibition venues, events,  trade show, parties, and weddings walls are available in different lengths.

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    An Event held by Fancy our event walls where part of this event in NYC